Purrfect Pals Why Pets Are Good For Your Health

ImageThe bond between humans and animals is eternal. As a pet owner you look after your pet but what is your pet doing for you?

Research studies have recently shown found that playing with a pet elevates the levels of dopamine which makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Studies have also confirmed a series of other benefits to pet owners including:

* Pet owners being less likely to suffer depression than those without pets

* Pet owners having lower blood pressure than those without pets

* Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without

Pets fulfill the basic human need to touch and provide companionship. These benefits are an important part of the work the UK charity Pets As Therapy do. The charity visits places such as hospices,  hospitals and care homes, they discuss that:

” Sick patients often feel isolated and even the most withdrawn seem to open up and let the barriers down when their regular Pets As Therapy dog is around.”

Looking after a pet can also help you make life style changes. For example, increasing exercise by chasing a kitten around or horse riding, reducing anxiety by offering comfort. Helping to meet new people by walking the dog or going to puppy classes.

However even having a gold fish and watching it swim can help release muscle tension and lower heart rate.

If you aren’t able to have a pet in your life at the moment consider some other ways you could become more involved with animals. Animal Shelters are often looking for volunteers you can check out opportunities on do-it.org.

Another way is to take up horse riding or look into Equine assisted therapy.Which helps people to overcome problems by working therapeutically with horses and learn more about themselves through contact with the animal.


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